My First Observation I Observed Ms. Evy 's Class Essay

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In my second observation I observed Ms. Evy’s class in where there was a total of thirteen students, five boys and eight girls, and four assistants. There was a lot of diversity in this class, beginning with the assistants. One of the teacher’s assistant spoke both Spanish and English and was there because one the toddlers only spoke Spanish. There were no special need children in this specific class. I had the opportunity to observe the class while in the playground and while they were inside the class learning. Out of the thirteen children, there was one little girl that caught my attention right away. Her name was Mikayla Scott and she was two years and five months old. I had just arrived when the children were half way through their playground time. Which was when I met Mikayla because as I opened the door to go outside she was there holding Ms. Evy’s hand because she wanted to go inside to help prep for snack time. When we went inside for snack time, some children were eating, others were reading with the teachers, however Mikayla was giving Ms. Evy’s such a hard time. When Mikayla was finished eating she threw her napkin on the floor. Ms. Evy saw her and told her to pick it up, Mikayla refused. Ms. Evy tried taking her to the garbage can to throw it out and Mikayla threw herself on the floor so she wouldn’t have to walk. The teacher was not going to do it for her so she picked up the napkin and handed it to Mikayla as an initiative. However, Mikayla just threw it back…

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