My First Memory Of Reading And Writing Essay

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Sitting on a colorful rug, listening to my pre-kindergarten teacher read the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” was my first memory of learning to read. She would read word by word slowly and show us what she was reading and like always she would show off the pictures. She would finish reading and now we are sitting at our tiny tables learning how to write out our alphabet and numbers. Those are the first memories I have of learning to read and write.
Kindergarten is when I started to compose sentences although spelling was not my forte. Throughout elementary school and middle school my writing improved because I finally knew what parts of speech were and grammar rules that all go along with writing. Parts of speech and grammar took a lot of practice and we reviewed it almost every year. During those years I primarily learned the basics and structures of reading and writing. I remember how my teacher for kindergarten and first grade, made reading one of the most important and the most exciting parts of our day. She had all different kinds of books, from books with few words and tons of pictures, to chapter books with no pictures, but the best part was where we got to read. We never had to sit at our desks like uninterested, bored, zombies. We got to sit or lay down on the floor, she had pillows and stuffed animals all over her room, we could hide under desks or sit on the windowsill, but the coolest part was her reading bath tub, this is where I truly got inspired to read and…

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