My First Job At A New Country Essay

1567 Words Nov 20th, 2016 7 Pages
Ever since I have been able to I have had a job. That means all throughout high school, and now in college, I have worked as well as attend school. Getting out of school and going to work has become a natural part of my day, and it has been since I turned sixteen. I got the opportunity to go on a week long trip to Europe with my world history class, this is why I started working, I got my first job in order to save for the trip. “Traveling to a new country or place is the best way to get back to productivity and creativity (Agrawal).” After I went, I thought maybe I would not continue working, and go back to focusing solely on school. That was not the case. I had come to realize how much I enjoyed working, and how I did not want to give it up. I knew that keeping a job as well as going to school could affect my grades, or my social life. It was a bit of a concern to me as well as my family, but the extra money and the experience was something that was important to me to have. Obviously, being employed while in school would have some effect on my GPA, but could it be for the better? Paying for college is a struggle for most students, as well as myself. Loans, grants and scholarships, help out many students, but sometimes it’s still not enough. Employment services at Brigham Young University states that, “Approximately 80% of all college students are employed while completing their undergraduate education.” The stress of school is already a major issue in college…

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