My First Free Day - Original Writing Essay

831 Words Jun 30th, 2015 4 Pages
It’s almost been a full week here in Honduras and I have found that I have not missed home yet. If anything I feel very at home here because of how friendly everyone I have met has been. It was our first free day and it was a day well spent! Today after breakfast, I met Julia who is Mr. Carlos’ wife. Julia has a son in my 4th grade class, Marco, and a daughter Daniela who is in 3rd grade. Julia came over to give some of us manicures and pedicures. Although I did not get either, I still spent the entire morning talking with Julia and the girls. Julia also brought Daniela with her who helped her throughout the morning. Julia is a very nice woman. She is very hard working and really kind. Since she did not speak English, I work as being a translator for some of the girls. I have found that while being on this trip I have been the translator a lot. Unlike some people though, this does not bother me one bit. If anything I very much appreciate getting the chance to speak Spanish more. The reason for this is because I do not speak Spanish unless I am at home with my family other than that, it is English all day long at school. While talking with Julia I got to know more about her and her life here in Honduras. Her family is very musical. She mentioned that her husband, who is also the music and art teacher at ABSS, got to travel the world because of his fantastic voice. I found this very fascinating because I had no idea he had such a powerful opera voice. Just as I was curious…

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