My First Experience With Death Essay

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In this week’s paper, I will be reflecting on the last several years living in Koraro, Ethiopia and my experience with death within this community or in the local health care facility that I worked in. I will describe in detail my first experience with death, such as the circumstance, and my feelings or emotions that were stimulated within me. I will explain how the community dealt with it. I will compare this situation to the ways it would have been dealt with had it happened in the United States. I will explain the changes that I have made in my life since my experience with this situation. After reflecting on all of the above, I will end this paper with a conclusion.
There are many health issues within this small community, including: acute respiratory diseases, malaria, high maternal mortality rates and diarrhea ("The Villages: A Closer Look," 2010). The Maternal mortality ratio is 676 per 100,000 live births in Ethiopia ("Analytical summary-maternal and newborn health," n.d.). Upon my stay in Koraro, Ethiopia I cared for many local individuals, but as far as my experience with death, there is one particular individual that comes to mind. It was early during my stay, within the first year, which I cared for a young girl named Abeba. She was 21 years old and pregnant with her second child. Abeba was a kind and loving soul and like so many other young women from this area, she had many issues during her pregnancy. Due to the lack of health care and limited…

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