My First Defining Moment Of History Goes Back As A Little Girl

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My first defining moment in history goes back as far as I was a little girl. This one is when my mom first introduced me to arts and crafts. I 'm more than glad that this happened because not only am I naturally good at art today but it has shaped me into the person I am today. I 've become very creative and since I had speech delay as I was growing up, I spoke through my pencil and paper, which is art and it 's so fascinating to me. I 've learnt to be at my best, and "drew out" my feelings so I could express myself in some way. If it weren 't for my mom to introduce art to me, then I don 't think I would have learnt to communicate any sooner. I wrote about this moment because I lived a long time of my life not knowing how to communicate with anyone; and I 'm so glad to mention this as it had helped me with my confidence, positivity, and to finally speak. Today, I draw regardless if I 'm happy or sad, but I 'll never forget what moment in my history has brought me to my current position of success. I went from a phase where nobody thought I would be able to speak properly, to a beneficial discovery that helped me so greatly. My second defining moment in history goes to when I started middle school in grade 6. Before I lived a very different type of lifestyle in elementary school where everything seemed consistent and not having to jump over major obstacles as I have when I started middle school. Everyone told me, "You 'll be great," and "Just do what you always do."…

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