My First Day Of My School Day Essay

1231 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
At eight o 'clock in the morning, I start my first class, which is the most important part of my school day. I was extremely excited about my first day of class, I was finally a college student. My first class which was cornerstone ended up being the most beneficial class throughout my entire semester. Even though I was slightly nervous going to meet new people that I have never met before, I was prepared for the class since my step sister went to Florida SouthWestern before me. As much as I was prepared for college, without cornerstone, I would not have been so successful in all my classes. I also would be at loss with what career I would choose in the future. Cornerstone taught me a lot about my inner self, my future, and how to save for my future and all the big things to come. As I have mentioned Cornerstone allowed me to discover new things that I have never known about myself. Knowing yourself is the first step to figuring out your future and just how to react to everyday things. Some of those things could be how I handle situations at a job or even how I would act in a group setting. In my class, I was able to take the famous personality inventory test made by Myers-Briggs. When taking the test I discovered I am an ENTP, another name is the debater. This means I am an extrovert I also use my intuition more than my feelings and usually think my problems through. The P stands for perception which means I am aware ad capable of understanding something through my…

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