My First Day Of My Fifth Grade Year Essay

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“Koen?” Mr. Blume, my sixth grade teacher read off the roll sheet. “Here!” Koen said as he raised his hand. It was the first day of my sixth grade year. I was sitting straight up in my desk while wearing my brand new school clothes. My mom had curled my hair for this special occasion, and I was even allowed to wear a bit of mascara on my eyes. “Mia?” Mr. Blume read. Another girl sitting across the room from me had perked up, and her and I simultaneously shouted, “Here!” “Mia Aicher?” Mr. Blume clarified. “Oh, that’s me!” The girl across the room replied. She had on a blue plaid flannel over a black sparkly tank top. Her hair was long and brown with natural curls flowing throughout it. “Thank you, alright… Mia Bunker?” Mr. Blume continued. “Here!” I said again, this time it really was my turn. As Mr. Blume finished up with attendance, I had been looking around the room observing the new faces in my class, wondering how this year would go and who my new friends would be.
Meeting Mia was an event that seemed irrelevant at the time, but I soon learned it was destiny. As I had started my sixth year of school I had known of the other girl my age with the same name as me. I knew she was gorgeous, and everyone seemed to gravitate towards her. I was an awkward, tall and scrawny, short-haired girl who was going through my pubescent stage of life, so of course I was skittish towards her. When I saw that she was in my class that year I was excited, but also nervous to…

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