Lorely: A Short Story

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It was a moment of triumph at 11:22 A.M. In room 203 at Valley Baptist Hospital, Lorely Alexa Urbina came to be. “Perfect”, her mother Cristina would describe her while her husband Jaime was still occupied at work to have seen his first daughter be born. Yet both parents were ecstatic to meet the tiny human they’d brought into the world. Her older brother, Christopher, was just as excited to meet his new little sister. He’d been waiting anxiously at home along with countless aunts, uncles, and cousins ready to meet the new member of the family. Her earliest memories originate from Kenmont Montessori School. In the classroom of Ms. Gracie and Ms. Lenore, surrounded by other kindergartener’s also beginning their “first day of life”. Many of …show more content…
Close friends would say “she’s a funny person”, “she can make a laugh out of anything” and is “always smiling no matter what,” she is someone you can trust and can count on even when times are rough. Family would say “she’s a dancer”, though they haven’t seen her dance in real life, based on the videos they’ve seen on facebook they can come to the conclusion that their cousin or niece is a “pretty good dancer”, and of course they would mention that her birthday is on “March the 5th”! Her parents and siblings would say “she’s a wild child,” she is “smart, funny, kind, and caring; the best big (or ⅓ of the little sister(s)) ever”. A very special person would say “she’s beautiful”, everything he’s ever wanted and more; his best friend, the love of his life, and his partner. I would say I am a dreamer. Someone who believes in mermaids and has high hopes that fairies exist. A person who follows their intuition and can read people like books. A feminist, and firm believer in proving people wrong. A pessimist and an optimist, creative and plainly boring, I am myself and other people around me. Lorely is a person who can conquer and inspire while being inspired. She is constantly learning new things everyday, from either her biggest inspiration, her brother, or her genius boyfriend Luis, or even social media. She is a colorful individual who, although sometimes dreads school, loves sharing the halls with other brilliant minds. And as her senior year of high school closes a new chapter of life opens, even if college scares her to death she knows life is just about to begin and new stories will be

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