My First Day Of Class Essay examples

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Walking into this english class on the first day I didn’t know what to expect. For me this was a class I didn’t really want to take, it was a class that I didn’t feel I needed to take. After just the first day of class I soon relied that this class would only benefit me down the road. This class has effected my long term goals in more ways then I would have ever thought. In some ways it has taught me to speak my mind a little more and just do what comes natural. At the beginning of the semester my goals were cut and dry. My longterm goal is to be a successful actor. Acting is something I love very much and is all I ever wanted to do since I was a kid. On the first day of class at the time my goal was I will just go to school until I get discovered. As this class progressed and as the school year progressed I realized that not all I wanted to do. My other goals were pretty much how ever long I was in school I wanted to pass every class with flying colors. On the first day of class I remember a student had said I am only here because my parents want me to go to college. When that student asked that question I immediately thought is that what I am doing? Am I just going to school for my parents? It was that one question that really made me realize that I want to have to go to school for myself not anyone else. That day I went home and took a good look in the mirror. I realized that it was stupid of me to limit myself to one goal in my life. I told myself…

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