My First Day At The Boys And Girls Club Essay

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The bus pulled up to the curb, and the kids started filing off the bus like ants coming out of an ant hole. They walked in and placed their bags and coats on the hooks. A girl turned and gave me a quizzical look. She had freckles sprinkled across her pale face. She had strawberry blonde hair. “Who are you?” she asked. “I’m Allie, I am going to be working here.” She seemed satisfied with my response and went to go sit down. It was my first day at the Boys and Girls Club. I was exceptionally nervous; I didn’t have that much experience with children. I didn’t know it then, but those kids were going to have a major impact on my life. My first few months at The Club had there ups and downs, but I was enjoying my time there with the kids. It was surprisingly fun. Summer was approaching and I had to decide if I wanted to continue working there for the summer. I would be working seven straight hours with kids. I loved being with the kids after school for two hours. At the time, seven hours didn’t seem like that many. It would be a piece of cake. My boss assured me that this summer was going to be their most organized one yet. Of course, I said I would work at the Boys and Girls Club for the summer. Well, I thought very wrong about the job being easy. It was the longest seven hours I had ever endured before. The first month went by smoothly. Some kids had sports, and other summer rec activities in the morning, so our mornings were fairly quiet. The July came along. July brought…

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