My First Car Accident Short Story

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One of the most prevalent “firsts” in my life was my very first car accident. Car accidents are scary incidents that leave an impact on you forever. From this particular situation I have learned a lot. Looking back now on how my actions were not responsible or becoming of my personality in the slightest, I have taken new measures to learn how to handle these nerve raking situations. Each part of my story teaches a moral that I hold dearly and that is to not lie. This sounds easy, but at one time or another we have all fallen short and told small and big lies.
The story of my first car accident begins at my high school. During the school day it was a normal
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When I had entered the parking lot I went to the third isle of cars to park my car. A specific detail I remember is that k92.3 was playing on the radio when it happened. I found a spot in the third isle and when I went to park I thought I had enough room, but the side of my left headlight skimmed the back tail light of a parked car. Keep in mind I have a bright red escape and the car I hit was white. I remember the sound was so loud and it overpowered the radio station as I pulled through the space and parked. Freaking out at this point I started to panic because this was my first car and I had just gotten my license. I hopped out of my car as fast as I could and began to observe the damage I had just …show more content…
My heart was pounding in my chest. I kept beating myself up and thought that I couldn’t tell my parents because I would be in the biggest trouble I had ever been in. So I made the decision to cover it up. I left the damaged car and I went into the locker rooms to change to leave for the away volleyball game. Throughout the entire night I could not stop thinking about my mistake and how I should have told my parents. This string of lies kept stacking up for a total of two weeks. Every day I would try to shove my feelings of guilt down so that I would not feel anything, but it just got worse. After two weeks had passed I was called down into the office and asked if I had hit a car in the parking lot a couple days beforehand. I was not the child that normally got into trouble of any kind, I was a straight A student and I had a clean record. But as soon as an adult asked questions, I fessed up to my actions. Soon after my conversation with the school officials my parents were involved and my parking pass was revoked for five

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