My First Birthday Party - Original Writing Essay

1555 Words Oct 15th, 2015 null Page
On the morning of my fifth birthday party, the house was a buzz with preparation for the festivities later in the day; Mom was in the kitchen preparing food while Dad, my oldest brother, Danny, and I were decorating for the big day when there was knock at the door. I was not allowed to answer the door before but Danny said it was probably one of my friends arriving early and I should go let them in. I ran to the door with anticipation and excitement of who it might be. There was a skinny white woman with bright red hair. She grabbed my arm and told me she was my mom and I needed to come with her right now. As I struggled to get free from her grasp, I let out a blood-curdling scream. My parents came running, with Danny right behind them. Before my parents could reach me, my six-foot brother jumped through the air yelling, “Get your hands off of my sister” as he landed a kick directly to the chest of the strange woman trying to kidnap me. He scooped me and ran inside with me. With tears streaming down his face, he told me “You will always be my family; I will always love and protect you.” Some may say my brother is a savage for doing this taught but if they knew the horrible, abusive and heartless women she was they might instead call him a hero. If they knew, that she left her infant daughter in an attic, for three days and nights, with the same bottle of milk and diaper, it might change their mind. With this knowledge, they might instead say my brother taught not only me,…

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