My First Best Friend, My Mother And My Grandmother Essays

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Two of the wisest women I know, my mother and my grandmother. Both have imparted much wisdom in me. My mother has shown me the best life to have, is a life filled with humility. My grandma, my first best friend, has shown me what it means to love others without judgment.
Throughout my interview with my mom, she kept justifying that she uses her cellphone for communication. After every sentence, it was…but I use it to communicate with friends and family. I think she made a very good point here, Generation X, is a generation filled with men and women who were raised to communicate with friends, but their communication was connected to a landline and that landline allowed them only a certain extent of mobility. My mom commented on how my generation has this sense of entitlement, that everything we want or need should be given to us at the time that we expect, not necessarily when it is convenient for others. Everything we possibility could want is in the palm of our hands. My mom said in our interview, “I Google quite a bit…I use Google as a reassurance mechanism.” We talked about how every morning her day starts with her checking Yahoo! Weather to see the daily forecast, as she bases her work attire off of what her application informs her of. She said, “I don’t understand how people can spend hours playing games on their phone.” After a long pause, she continued and said, “…but then again, I get lost in the world of Pinterest, and I become Supermom who feels like I can…

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