My Field Work At Carter Elementary Essay example

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As my field work at Carter Elementary comes to an end, I can honestly say that nothing better prepares you for working with children than doing just that. No matter how many hours I sit in UTSA’s lecture halls and classrooms, or study the socially just and proper way to respond to each situation, it will never be more beneficial that being in an actual kindergarten class for two hours a week. As we progressed in IDS 2013, I was eager to visit my students in Mrs. Ferguson’s class and witness what I had been learning about in action. I walked out of her class each day having been taught a valuable lesson and understanding myself as a teacher a little bit better. Since my field work was at the same time each week, I would almost always arrive in the middle of story time and just before an activity to go along with the book followed by stations. As I got to know the students better, Mrs. Ferguson would send me ones who struggled with the state assessments to practice specific lessons instead of doing their language arts activities and stations. It was usually the same students and the same lessons. Ava and Robert would sit with me week after week as we reviewed writing their names, letter recognition, rhymes, and recognizing “sight words”, such as, “I, we, you, my, come,” etc. I have no doubts that Mrs. Ferguson never intended to single them out. They were simply the ones who needed extra practice; however, they definitely began to notice the trend and feel bad because of it.…

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