Essay about My Field Placement Is Taking Place At Crim Elementary School

1732 Words Nov 24th, 2015 7 Pages
Currently, my field placement is taking place at Crim Elementary school and I am in a 1st grade classroom. The classroom consists of 20 students, a teacher, a paraprofessional, a Bowling Green State University student who is doing her student teaching, and myself. Although I am only with the students one day a week, I have still learned a lot through the students and also the various teachers. The paraprofessional is in the classroom during all hours of the school day. When I arrive in the morning, the students have four different stations that they rotate through. Each station is educational and gives the students a review of topics that they have already learned such as: Addition and subtraction, vowels, and reading books of their choice. Also, I test the students every Monday morning on a new book that is chosen by the teacher based on their reading level. The students have all week to practice reading this book and perfecting the words that they don’t know. Then, the students are retested on Friday over the same book. This helps to show if the students are actually taking time during the week to practice reading their book. It also shows the student’s improvement. Throughout this paper, I am going to discuss the Vygotskian Social Development Theory, Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, and Temperament. Each of these theories will be tied to three concepts affiliated with that theory. Instead of using the students’ real names, I will refer to them as Student R,…

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