My Favorite Memory Of Us Essay

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Amber You 're one of a kind and that 's what makes you special. You are a touchy feely type of girl and at the beginning i was like "why the hell is she like this" but after Disney and Virginia, we have never been closer. Never change who you are. Never change for a guy or for your friends. Because i know that you 're wonderful just the way you are. One of my favorite memory of us is when we would run during drills and I would hit your ass or vice versa. The reason why it 's one of my favorite memory is because it shows the type of friendship we have which is a very open and touchy friendship, and I 'm glad it 's like that. I don 't hug all of my friends because I usually don 't like hugging but with you it 's different and I don 't mind hugging you at all. Now for the real sad part. You 're going off into the sunset. Lol jk you 're going off to Rutgers with Kim but who knows when we 'll see each other during the school year because you 'll be busy and I will too, but never forget that we 're your family away from home. We take care of each other and we feel broken when we 're apart so don 't forget about the rest of us. Have a wonderful time at college I know you 'll have fun but just know that we 're here for you no matter what happens in the future cause We 're family, and family is some you trust, you love, you respect. And I feel all those when I 'm with all of you guys, I can honestly say I feel like I 'm with my family. You guys are truly a blessing to have in my life…

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