My Favorite Holidays Essay

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The best memories are the ones spent with the people you love the most. Many people look forward to the holidays. Not just because of the amazing food but because of so many reasons. I mean, who doesn’t love the holidays? Everyone has their own favorite holiday. As the years go by it’s so hard for me to choose which holidays would have to be my favorite. But I came to realize that my three favorite holidays, would have to be Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s.
Sticky fingers, tired feet, and saying “trick or treat” to every house you see with the lights turned on. That’s me the night of Halloween. It’s a day where you can be a kid again. You get to dress up in your favorite character or costume no matter how old you are. Also getting to go trick or treat with my family and I love how everyone gets so excited when it comes down to see who has a better costume. Another reason why it’s my favorite is because my
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It is one of my favorite holidays because you get to spend time with your family that you hadn’t seen since the year before. You get to make new memories that are unforgettable and it’s a day where everyone gets along. Not to mention, the food that my family makes is so delicious. For instance, there is this one side dish that my aunt makes, its corn with jalapenos, cream cheese and I think she adds something else not sure. But for some reason it is so tasty to me that I have to go for a second round. Also you get to eat as much food as you want, until you can’t take another bite and you don’t have to worry about your so called “diet”. Another reason why I prefer thanksgiving is because the meaning behind it. It is a time to be thankful for what you have and appreciate the people in your life because life is too short to be ungrateful and have a negative perspective on life. Also giving thanks to God and everything he has done for you. Above all the reasons, Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings love and

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