Essay about My Favorite Food Is Not Easy For Me

940 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
From the start of the semester with this class until now, I have improved exponentially. At the beginning of the semester, I took an English pre-grammar test, and the purpose of that exercise was to gauge how much, and what knowledge I had. Over all from the exam I performed horribly. Even before Comp 1 in college I was terrible with anything grammar related. I know grammar is a broad spectrum, but I really had to improve on everything. I had to focus on subject verb agreement, commas, and quotations, run on sentences, and many more things. From completing all the exercises I have exponentially exceled in all of those areas, and I am extremely satisfied. The paragraphs were assignments that were completed through out the semester. They discussed random topics varying from super hero powers, to what my favorite food is. I needed to establish a clear purpose of what I was writing, and that was something that was not easy for me. I had to learn how to develop a thesis, and I never knew I would be able to do that because how can you get an idea about an entire paper just from one sentence? To get those paragraphs done successfully I had to edit and revise numerous times. There is always room for editing and revising, because revision is always needed. I always had problems from subject verb agreement, and sentence structure parallelism. My sentence never agreed with each other, and that was something I clearly established, and tackled. After a problem is clearly established I…

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