My Father Of The House Essay example

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First in for most, I am the youngest of three. My oldest sister was the person who wanted to work to help out around the house. Instead of going to college, she wanted to work a full time job, to give us extra support. My brother on the other hand graduated high school, and is currently still attending college. My brother also took on the role of “the man of the house” at a young age. My mom always worked hard to support our family, it was never a time where she didn’t do anything for us. Besides working full time, my mom also attend school as well. Overall, these are the roles that my family members took on as I was growing up. Growing up, I would say my family had boundaries that allowed for healthy communication. It was always just me, my brother, and mom. My mother had pretty strict rules regarding what time we come in, our school work, respecting adults, and etc. I would consider her getting upset when one of us didn’t say yes ma’am or no sir apart of healthy communication. Why? Because she made it beyond clear that it is a must for us to use our manners at all time, no matter the situation. My mom made everything clear for me and my siblings, she was strict when she had to be, and was very understanding when it came to other things. In closing, I am very blessed with the boundaries that my mom made for me and my siblings. I would say there defiantly were predictable behaviors that I could identify. in various members of family. For example, my brother is ADHD, he…

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