Personal Narrative Essay On 'The Blast'

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The Blast I was watching tv when the room went pitch black. I had to start feeling my way around and I was tripping and falling. I forgot, I had a phone in my pocket. The lights randomly came back on, then I saw my parents on the floor twitching. They were not saying anything. Then all the lights came back on and I called 911. Nobody answered! I tried a again but nobody answered. I called my friend. He picked up and I told him what happened. He said the same thing had happened to his parents. I live in a small town so there were not many people I knew that I could call.
I cried for most of the night since my parents never got up. I watched a YouTube video to see how to check if they were alive it said to check their pulse on their neck. I
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He said we should meet up at the mall and talk about it in person. We met up at the mall and I was so glad to see a living person again. Him and me were thinking about what to do and then I thought of something. I thought that we could go to my grandparents. He said it was a good idea but they live in Canada. We have two problems with them being there. I can't contact them since they aren't in our country. They also told me they are going to move at the end of September. So we need to get to them before they move. The good thing is I know where they live in Canada. Later that night we decided that we would go to my grandparents house. We were going to leave that morning. That morning it started pouring down rain all day. We just hung out in the mall since we couldn't start heading out that day. We were thinking about trying to start a car and try to drive there. Since we were about to start sixth grade we didn't know how to drive. We decided that it would be safer if we just rode bikes there. Since we had a while to think about a plan to get there. We decide we could get cans of stuff in case we get hungry on the …show more content…
We packed up our stuff and starting going to my grandparents. We rode on our bikes for like a hour then took a break at this random gas station. The gas station had a restroom so we used it and took some snacks from there. We kept going till sundown and found a mall to sleep in. Since, we were riding bikes all day we completely passed out. When we woke up I found out we slept late and it was almost 12. We kept riding bikes when we saw a baby kitten on the road. I thought I had to help it because. It was so skinny I could almost see its ribs so I told my friend to find a pet store. I was so happy I saw a pet store just two minutes ago. I told my friend to go there and get some cat food. He came back with cat food and two bowls. I was so glad that he was so quick. I let him feed the cat since he got the food. I walked over to the gas station to fill the other bowl with water. I got back and saw the cat eating the food. I put down the bowl of water and said we should take the cat to the pet store. My friend agreed and I carried the cat while he pulled the bikes. Once we got there I told him to find a litter box and I will find cat litter. We met up at one of the cash

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