Essay on My Father Is My Greatest Ally

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From as long as I can remember my brother has always been my greatest ally, we have always been adjoined at the hip, despite our seven-year age gap. Our relationship has aged equivalently to a fine scotch, becoming more robust and smoother with time. Just like any other set of sibling fights were a common place in our home but as we grew older the dynamics of our relationship were constantly changing. Regardless of the drama that insured our mother and father instilled in us that if anything happens to them we must look out for each other. When my mother became ill and not too soon after my father did as well, I had no other option but to lean on my brother for support. Looking back on my life I’ve come to realize that even before illness shook our home my brother has always had my back. No matter the ups and downs we have had, when it comes down to the wire I have and can count on my brother to my aid.
My brother played the hero in numberless of my fawn memories shared yet he could still play the best villain. Although my brother and I are extremely close we still had a fair share of sibling disputes. At the pinnacle of these disputes is the bathroom incident and the memories mar my mind. Around the time I had just begun preschool my brother subjected me to a terror I have yet to be able to shake. Growing up we lived in a three-bedroom house, two rooms on the top floor and one the main floor. My brother’s room was located on the main floor away from my parents, being the…

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