My Family - Original Writing Essay

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I clutched the nearly full bottle in my hand, the gleaming red label inviting me to guzzle the entire portion. Should I drink it or not? There really wasn’t a point in living, there never really was. I remember when I was younger my dad telling me, after having a shot or two, to never get carried away with vodka.
My name’s Raven. My parents got a divorce when I was seven, and my mom lost almost everything. She was broke from being a stay at home mom my entire life, relying on my dad, Jim, for financial security. We moved to a one bedroom apartment, and she started up her business. Although we didn’t have much, we were happy since we had eachother. Never mind that every other weekend the court ordered me to visit Jim’s luxurious apartment in the city. He didn’t know how to care for me. I didn’t have a bedroom. Whenever I’d come over, he’d blow up his air mattress and park it on his office floor. The walls, along with his tiny desk set in the corner, were a brilliant white. The bedsheets were a crimson red, which matched the walls in the connecting bathroom. Each day, we ate out, then came home. I read, while he mindlessly watched romantic comedies with his girlfriend. Over, and over, and over again.
When I turned 12, my life was, in one word, perfect. My mom earned enough to buy a townhouse near a decent middle school. I no longer visited Jim, I simply refused to get in his car, no matter how many times he called the police. I studied well, and earned straight A’s. I made…

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