My Family Never Went On Big Expensive Trips Essay

1433 Words Nov 9th, 2015 6 Pages
When I was growing up my family never went on big expensive trips. We would always stay home, play board games and watch movies. It’s moments like those that I think I miss the most. My mom, dad, younger sister Meagan and I all sitting in the living room having a good time. I didn’t need the fancy trips to make me happy, it was spending time with my family that I enjoyed. But soon those moments that I enjoyed so much started to become more rare.
I never knew that my parents were unhappy with their marriage. I guess I was just too young to be able to see it. I was only around the age of seven or eight. Eventually my parents started to sleep in different rooms. To me it just seemed normal, I thought that everyone 's parents slept in separate rooms.
Another one of my favorite memories from my childhood was our family get togethers for holidays. All of the adults would be gathered in the living room or the kitchen while all of the grandkids would be on the second flood doing whatever we wanted.I don’t remember what holiday it was but the whole family was gathered at our grandparents house. I clearly remember that all of us grandkids were upstairs in the spare bedroom where there was a bunk bed. Meagan and I were both on the top bed along with my cousin Katrina who is the same age as I am. All of our cousins were in there with us messing around. My older cousins always liked to tease and pick on the younger ones so it wasn’t unusual for one of them to block off the stairs to get…

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