Essay on My Family : My Dad

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My family consists of four people; mom, dad and two sisters. My dad, named Pablo was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA including all eight of his siblings. My dad would make frequent trips to Tijuana, Mexico for visiting family. My mom, Rebeca in the other hand had fifteen siblings. My mom was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. My parents met through a friend and sure enough thy fell in loved. Although, my dad had a previous marriage and had two children. Through the years they decided to get married so my mom came to US for the first time to live in Los Angeles, CA. At that time my dad worked for the company DHL as delivering mail and my mom worked as a hairstylist. On 1988 my big sister was born in which they named Yaneth Berenice. My big sister was a big baby, weighing almost nine pounds. Also she was born with black curly hair and with a brown color complexion. After my sister was born my mom realized that it would be best if she left her job to be more at home. As she grew up my parents moved about three times, including Bell, Downey and Whittier. In 1995 I was born, Angelika Michelle. When I was born I was very small, with light colored hair and with a light complexion. My mom was speechless of how different I was to my big sister. She was stunned that she even told the nurse that they confused her baby. Nurses had to proof to my mom that I was her daughter. My mom tells me this story all the time. In 1997 my little sister is born named…

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