My Family Life

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Organization of Family Life
Many people live on and off with us during that time. There were displaced cousins, friends that my parents meet and needed a place to stay for a little while. My closest relative lived about 15-20 mins away from the family. The relatives didn’t move my family did they most moving mostly because of economic challenges. I lived with both parents going up, when I was about 8 my parents got divorced my mom remarried and had a daughter, than divorced and remarried my father, they were divorced about 2yrs. Both my parents died when I was 30yrs old.
Relatives all close proximity to me all first cousins. My grandparents on my dad’s side pass away; the grandparents on my mother side live in Beaumont, TX. Where I went
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My dad did not attend church regularly we attended with my mom or would go with my aunt but mostly with my mom. This was a commandment in our home.
Decision Making in the Family
Regarding large purchases in the home, the decision between my mom and dad we the children had some input.
The money that came in the home was managed by my mom dad’s paycheck would come in the mail. Mom would be responsible to pay all bills and deposit monies for my dad to access. The incomes were combined they always said marriage was a partnership.
Children did participate in decisions it was fun for us and something for use to think on always boy against the girls we were out number until my little sister came along.
If one of us did something wrong and we were covering for the other we all got it. If the oldest was supposed to be watching the younger and the younger got in trouble so would the older. My mom did most of the displinary because she would talk than spank, dad did not ask questions he just spanked but we had to do something terrible for that to happen. I would say my mom was the more of the displinary my dad and her worked together on this
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Then you had career jobs you are on until you retire, I chosen a great career longest I have been on one job was 10yrs. Still doing well for myself.
The feelings of women working was not a problem because my mom worked all through the time I grew up she was a nurse when she met daddy, then she own a café, and finally she worked as a warehouse supervisor. My dad encourage use to be able to take care of ourselves because no one else would do it for us.
My dad’s career when he met my mom he work in the steel factory in Chicago he became a carpet layer and after that he began a government job as an electrician, he worked until the day he died. He was successful in my eyes taking care of us.
Our parents encourage us to work and listen to what we had to say about or career not they did not say much about our choices they would make suggestion were never disappointed in what we did. My middle brother who is a Jr. to my father followed his career path and became an

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