My Family Analysis

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When I began this assignment I thought I knew my family, however, that was not the case. I wished I knew more about my family and their origins, but being a military child we moved around a lot and never really had a close connection with our immediate family. I would say my family structure is the typical American nuclear family, where it was just my parents and my siblings growing up. However, this was not always the case within my family. My great grandfather on my fathers’ side came from Ireland. He left Ireland at 10 years old during the Potato War. He was poor, uneducated and alone, but somehow he made it to America settling in Ohio finding work as a hunter and a farmer. I recently found out that during his migration our family last name …show more content…
Nelia, my wife is a first generation American her family is from the Azores in Portugal. Her family is not the typical American nuclear family where as you get married and start your own. Her family is very close and have different customs and traditions. Her parents and I have a hard time understanding each other because they speak broken English mixed with Portuguese. Additionally, my wife will be telling me about things in the family and she gets upset because she feels I always take the males side. I can see how she feels that way, however, since there is a cultural difference among the males who are all white American military men I can understand more their point of view, whereas I find it hard to see the woman’s. I told you this story because it related to how my not understanding her culture can cause me to miss something or not take an issue seriously. I have become more cultural competent over the years and I am glad that my wife and I are from different cultures and upbringings, this adds strength to my social work practice by being understanding and knowledgeable that different cultures have different ways of handling things, therefore I need to always be mindful of that cultural difference. In addition to our cultural differences, my wife and I came into our marriage with children from previous relationships and had a child together. We are a blinded family, and I will tell you it is hard. However, I found that communicating with each other is the most important element to a successful marriage and family

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