My Genogram: The History Of My Family

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For the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to create a genogram that would explore the history of myself and family. Much like a family tree, a genogram is a visual display of a person’s family relationships, psychological issues, medical history, culture and other hereditary likelihoods. Unfortunately, I was hoping to have been able to learn and share a lot about my family history but was unable to due to limited resources and lack of knowledge. Much of my genogram is composed of the things that I already know about my family and from stories that were shared with me, the main reasons I was unable to gather information is because of death and separation of my family both in the past and recently.
I would like to start my genogram with my family connections, starting with Elvira, who was my paternal Grandmother, she was the foundation of my family. She was a mother of seven children (five sons, two daughters) and also raised me as her own child along with her partner since I was about three-years-old. She passed away 5 years ago due to cardiac arrest. As far as my paternal great-grandparents, their names were Silverio and Prudencia. I have never even seen a picture of
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The social and emotional relationship with my family has improved but is still a very difficult situation for me to live with even till this day, it’s an emotional roller coaster. My father and stepmother have two children together, which are my half-brother and half-sister (Trini and Carissa). Although I do consider them my full brother and sister and we are very close with one another. Adding to that, my birth mother also has two more children after she abandoned me that I don’t know much about. I discovered this while searching the internet, but it tore me apart and I often question what I did wrong, but in the end it was not my

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