Essay on My Eyes Intelligence As A Person Who Makes Mistakes

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In my eyes intelligence is the ability to create and intake new information about things previously unknown to said in-taker. This would include the ability to create hypothesis’ and find a conclusion without the input of another being, while also being able to recall data others have created to push and further thought. Thought is a bit more complicated to define than intelligence, I see it as that voice in your head when planning out your day; which cereal would be better for the morning, doing math without scratch paper, and other mundane tasks. On a more complex level it is also when you need to answer questions that are not strictly yes or no, when trying to decide whether to turn left instead of right and when these decisions should define who you are as a person. To understand that the community would have to be capable of comprehending the definition of a human being. Which seemingly is a person who makes mistakes, even when they thought the situation through, someone who decides to turn left instead of right once or twice. Humankind is incredible and beautifully diverse in culture, in belief, in appearance, but we still have our basic structures of everyday life in common and can connect over those little similarities.
Turing fails to look below the surface of a single one of these three simple parts of humanity. He seems to believe that either you can or you can’t, you have it or you do not. This mindset led him to believe that a non-breathing hunk of metal with…

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