Essay on My Experience With The Crossroads Community Center

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My experience with the Crossroads Community Center’s “Practicing Inclusive Excellence”, or “PIE” workshop, was an extremely positive one. Paige Bolden, the facilitator, and coordinator of intercultural engagement and her intern Kelsey used a series of group activities to teach us not only about ourselves but also gain a better understanding of our class as a whole. The workshop encouraged us to be open-minded and to not make rash assumptions about others without knowing them.
The first day of the workshop we took all of the chairs in the room and made a large circle so everyone could see, and we didn’t feel like we were being “lectured” at. Paige Bolden and Kelsey introduced themselves and we got started on the first activity. During the first exercise Paige read questions off to us and we had to pick a category that best answered the question, the categories were; Age, Gender, Race, Socioeconomic Status, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Dis/Ability, Greek Affiliation, and Immigration Status. The questions were ones such as; “I’m reminded of _______ every morning when I wake up” and “I feel like _______ defines me as a person”. After choosing which category was our answer to each question, Paige would then ask us about why we chose that specific category. After a few rounds of this game, we then wrote which category we though most defined us on a balloon. Once everyone in the class had picked their answer and wrote it on their balloon, we had to balance the balloon while also…

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