My Experience With My Writing Essay

1558 Words Apr 11th, 2016 7 Pages
I started college with a little hope that it wouldn’t be as hard as everyone says. I started my first week and I already hard several difficult papers to conquer. I started my first paper due for my religion class, hours and hours of blood and guts spilled into this document and all that was produced were eight agonizing pages, littered with mistakes and just a terrible read. I turned in the paper knowing that my teacher laughed out loud with pure enjoyment. It was so dreadful to even look at that I submitted it without a blink of an eye and a sigh of relief came across my lips. I don’t know why I felt better, I just submitted a paper that would only come to bring this year of college more pain and sorrow. I know that college would have struggles and hard ships, but I never would have known that I would struggle this much with my writing. My experiences failed to prepare me for the kinds of writing needed in my field. Eleventh grade was one of those years where you’re stuck. You’re not a baby anymore and you’re not about to graduate; You’re just in the middle trying to find yourself and make it through life and with hopefully, some decent grades. Mr. Malcolm’s class was always the dreaded class. He was an honors teacher and so he always expected more of his students, except, he always wanted way more. He gave papers back for small mistakes and made you print out a whole new copy and he was just a very particular man. He even made me take the pink staple out of my paper…

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