My Experience With My Family Essay

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1. What emphasis do work, study and family life have in your country or in your culture? Which of the 3 is most important in your country or in your culture?

This is a very varied question as I live in a very culturally diverse area. I feel my culture is ever changing and developing as my family grows, taking parts from my families past and adding my personal values to pass along to my children. From my life’s perspective, my culture started developing when I began to mature and create ideas and beliefs of my own. I am giving a brief on my genealogy because my family never grew up in a set culture, but we have developed certain beliefs, values, and ways of life that I do believe are inherited from our past.

My grandparents immigrated from Poland to the US just after World War II (my grandmother was pregnant with my father) after being displaced from the Holocaust and some of my family’s beliefs and values stem from them, like the respect and acceptance of other cultures. Some of my values, beliefs, and traditions also come from my mother’s side, decedents of the western plains Blackfoot tribe, like hard work. One thing my modern developed culture, as well as my family’s historic culture have in common is the emphasis on family being the most important. Spending lots of time together talking, playing, and discussing our lives was our main cultural aspect.

Although we are very family based, my mother inherited a need that emphasized work as a main aspect in life and…

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