Essay My Experience With Children With Disabilities

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Unlike other students in my class, the place where I did my service learning was a little bit different. What made it so different was that there was a lot more, at least I felt, elderly people as opposed to people with disabilities. Sure they may have been a few that if you went there you could maybe tell that they were disabled but honestly, after putting in so many years of visiting nursing homes with multiple groups, I couldn’t even tell if the younger people there were there for the program, or just hanging out with the elderly. As a side comment this could have been because one of the groups that I went with just happened to be a group of people with mental challenges, so that could have added to the confusion. Anyway, as I have said because of my past experiences I can’t really tell what’s what sometimes. But that isn 't what I am here to “talk” to you about today. No today I want to talk about a few experiences that I have had while working there that involved a few people who were blind. As I said before I could never tell if anyone there had a disability and if they did what kind because I didn’t want to ask because that could be HIPAA violation or just make them uncomfortable. So as far as I knew no one had anything, they were all just quirky or in my opinion normal. So one day as I was volunteering there, I was asked to go around and show pictures of animals to everyone in the room. They were supposed to have an animal therapy group come in but I guess they…

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