My Experience With Art Essay

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“My Experiences With Art” I believe art is all around us, whether it is something we see, or something we hear. Art has always been something very important to me. I’m not sure where my love of art began but it has always been something that is fun to me. I love art a lot and I believe I have a very artistic philosophy towards life. When it comes to my life, I live very carefree and “in the moment”. I live very passionately. I believe art is this way too. Many times when creating art things become unplanned. Life is this way too. Our lives are our own works of art, becoming what we create it to be. I am fortunate to have had positive experiences in my art classes. I have always had art classes, even in pre-k. I have learned that art is …show more content…
I have been in numerous productions playing many different kinds of characters. I’ve always been casted into plays, been in theater camps and always been in the drama club. It is so fun to play with different characters, personalities and be performing in front of others. The techniques I got in these types of programs I shared with the children I would teach at church and help organize productions for days like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas and etc. I believe that when I become a teacher I will still incorporate not only drama but all the arts in my classes. It is so fun.
Visual arts captivate me too. It is composed of so many things. It can be painting, drawing, photography, design. I love creating and appreciating other people’s art. Though I wouldn’t call myself an artist, people usually always love what I create. I even remember when I was in kindergarten, a girl in class was about to steal a sculpture I made out of clay. People. I may not be especially skilled at drawing but I think I make things aesthetically beautiful whether it is with makeup, fashion, a painting or decorating a room. My experiences have helped me have a positive view on art because they have been fun experiences. Performing or creating have been very fun for me. Art has made me into a person that really loves the aesthetics. I am fond of every type of art. Art is a medium for expressing yourself and that is why I love it so much. You get to create anything you want, and that to me is

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