Essay on My Experience On My Family

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It happened! I felt a jolt of energy surge through my body and for a split second I lost my breath as I sat in my tenth grade class, I knew it had happened! I knew he had left this earth. Looking back, I believe it was a part of me leaving this earth also. (Transition) It was Christmas Eve and the snow was falling outside, I peered through the window as each unique pearly white snowflake hit the blank ground in the yard. Our house smelled like fresh chocolate chip cookies, and the fireplace was dancing and cracking. I could feel the warmth of the fire hit my young face as my older brother and I played Uno on the green carpet floor in our family room. Looking back, these moments seemed small and ordinary but were really what I love most about my small family. The warmth in our house cannot be forgotten, even to this day I will remember the moments leading up to the discussion with our family that would impact us all profoundly. (Thesis)?
(Transition) At this time I was ten, in the fifth grade and thought I knew everything! I still don’t know everything even now! My mom abruptly jumped up from sitting on the couch close to us and headed straight for the stairs. I automatically knew something was wrong, as a young child you can sense these things. Now I have learned that it is called a gut feeling. I allow my mom to get up the stairs until I began to follow, I did this often because I was an overly nosey child. Just curiosity I call it now. I overhear my parents talking in the…

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