Reflection On Working At Woodland Acres Elementary

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Working at Woodland Acres Elementary was challenging and, in the beginning, a daunting task. I was nervous about working with the students at the school in the beginning of the semester but I have grown to appreciate the time I spend there. I believe that working at this elementary school that is rich in diversity has changed my view on working in a diverse community. It has positively affected my outlook on teaching students in a school similar to this one. The entire experience was challenging and instructive in a way that was sure to benefit me in my future teaching endeavors.

Being in a school that is diverse has been a rewarding experience for me. I have always believed that any child can get an education if they have the
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These students proved to be dedicated, hardworking individuals with potential to learn. The teachers who educate them are kind people who genuinely care about the students in the classroom. Working with everyone at Woodland Acres Elementary has made me want to dedicate more time to students in diverse settings. I encourage others to think more positively about these students and their potential in life. I have tried to educate myself more on the challenges they face and have spoken with other teachers in more privileged settings about these students and their dedication to education. I think it is important to inform others of all the rewarding work they can do with these students and the community that this school resides in. I tell my classmates of all the progress my tutees have made since I have begun working with them. I brag on how much of a difference one person can make in a student’s reading if they dedicate a few hours a week to helping that child succeed. I have encouraged many of my friends to take this class as soon as they can and to really commit to making a difference with these students. The positive change we can make with these students at Woodland Acres Elementary is worth the time and effort it will take to do …show more content…
The idea of teaching struggling readers is no longer a foreign and worrying idea to me. I understand now that if I am willing to put for the time and effort into my students then they will reward me with their hard work. My students taught me that if I am able to meet their needs and respond to their interests then I can motivate them to read. My tutees wanted to read but they needed me to give them the tools to do so. I believe the same can be said for students who have a disability or are an English language learner (ELL). If I take the time to understand my future student’s needs then I can work with them to increase their reading skills. As a future teacher I believe that if I can find a way to motivate my students and make learning to read an enjoyable and anticipated activity, then the entire process can yield results. I now look at the challenge of teaching a student to read as something I can look forward to. Changing my outlook on the task has made me a more effective teacher because I do not see it as a chore. I understand that reading is an invaluable skill and I am willing to help all my students regardless of how big of a challenge it may

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