Family Interview Reflection Paper

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I carried out a 25min-long interview with one of my classmates whose name is E.R. (from a different class) and her husband P.R. They both are Polish immigrants and currently living in a suburb of Chicago where dominantly Polish immigrants live. I visited them at their home to interview on the weekend. Before the interview, my classmate introduced her husband to me and had a chance to chat with them in advance. This was a warming process, which especially helped PR get to relax. Since he had not known so much about why I want to carry out an interview with them. Therefore, I explained them my goals.
I started my interview by introducing myself again and explaining confidentiality procedure. Although they were aware of that it would not be a deep family assessment or intense conversation about their relationship, I assumed that this part is especially important for P.R. I organized an interview format prior to the interview, which was made as if it is a beginning part of the standard couple interview. I did not strictly follow one specific theory, but after the interview, I noticed that most of my questions fit “Structural” and “Bowen” Family Theories. Thus, I asked them to tell me a little bit about themselves and their relationship. Then asked
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Therefore, I asked their daily tasks, the biggest challenges and expectation from the future. As recommended in the syllabus, I asked them what is different or same for how they had imagined their life at this point. In my opinion, my interview flow allowed them to think and review their relationship dynamic. Since most of the time, they indicated that they found my questions interesting and had not thought about it before. In the course of the interview, I stick to with my format; however, I should have focused on their needs and desire more. Also, my interview could have been more flexible and taken

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