My Experience In Salifornia

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Saudi Arabia is my country and i was going for America to complete my education. It was my first air travel. I was to venture out from Jeddah to California. My heart was beating as I strolled through the entryways of the Jeddah air terminal. I was gripping to my bag as I walked up to the counter to get my ticket. I needed to hold up in line to get my ticket and after that get my pack checked. At that point I heard it "flight 0091 to California is presently loading up." After I gave this nominal old man, my ticket I got on the plane.
The flight specialist, who was wearing a light dim dress with a red bow, said, Welcome on board flight 0091 to California. I sat down; there were two children that sat close to me in other seats on the opposite
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My hands began to shake as the plane got speedier and quicker down the runway. So then at long last we were clear all around and that is the point at which I hushed down. After 16 hours and after fifteen minutes I was on the ground, when i arrived in California, I was very happy and was watching the sights of another continent that was America. Even though I was nervous I still got through it. I was much happier to achieve my fantasy destination California. California is one of only a handful few spots on the planet where you can encounter a tiny bit of everything: sea drives, beautiful vineyards, towering mountains, sweeping deserts, mystical entertainments parks, multicultural food, and rural heritage. So we should begin in the north and go down toward the southern tip of the state to investigate what California is truly about. Whether you 're taking a street trip, riding a train or active on a few flights, these are a ratio of the absolute best urban communities to visit in California.
My friends welcome to me at the airport. In the wake of clearing from the air terminal, we exited to Sacramento city. Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. condition of California and the seat of administration of Sacramento County. It is at the connection of the Sacramento River and the American River in the northern bit of California 's far reaching Central Valley. Sacramento is the social and financial center of the Sacramento metropolitan

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