My Experience Form Elementary School Essay

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I have always envied people who are enthusiastically determined to have a profession and then diligently pursue the required education. Sometimes it seems that my ambition, goals, timing and opportunity have mirrored fate of Hansel’s breadcrumbs. My experience form elementary to present are rather uneventful if not boring.
Elementary school is probably the most enlightening period of my childhood; I can remember so many firsts. Elementary school is where I developed a need to read. My fourth-grade teacher encouraged us to read series. Box Car Children, Little House on the Prairie, the Bobbsey Twins are the series which first come to mind. Eventually, the series reading transferred to reading complete work of authors. There is no doubt I was probably a show off in the fourth and fifth grade. I have an older sister therefore I was always trying to learn what she was learning. Not only did we learn, we learned to practice. Practicing over and over again our penmanship, multiplication tables and so forth. Elementary school established a foundation for my learning style .Even today the tendency to do something in repetition to memorize it, is almost instinctual. Never did I want anything more than to go to Junior High.

Junior High was where I learned the value of friends. What was interesting to learn in that time period was Physical Science. We had a teacher that would go into the chemical room and when he opened the door, smoke would billow. Immediately, we learned the…

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