Essay on My Experience At The Springfield High School Crew Team

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Throughout my life, I have had many instances in which I failed at something or I had messed up extremely bad. I can remember when I was in Guam and fell down on slippery rocks to forgetting to submit an assignment. Furthermore, during and even after these experiences I had learned something each time and I continue to learn from my mistakes and failures to this day and I plan to continue to learn something new for a very long time. However, I am able to recall one occurrence where something severe had happened. It was when I had dislocated both of my hips.

During my Freshman year, I had been an active participant in the West Springfield High school crew team. I had been able to balance my work and time between my academic work and my extracurricular activities. I was able to go to crew practice every day after school and still be able to get all of my school work done. I continued to manage both of my tasks quite easily due the fact that I am able to recall information easily. However, I was starting to have pains in my legs and I was in pain ever since the beginning of the year. When I was finally halfway through the year my legs began to get several more painful however I continued to push through it as my parents wanted me too. I continued to attend conditioning for crew up until the month of March. March was the month for the crew teams first race and the month that has my birthday. I was excited because I had found out that my first race was on the weekend of my…

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