Essay on My Experience At The Museum Of Fine Arts

2623 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 11 Pages
I lived in Boston for over half my life. I spent many years here in this great state – never truly knowing or appreciating the rich beautiful history this city has to offer. After spending an enlightening experience at the Museum of Fine Arts and also an unexpected visit to the Old State House in our city, I was able to see such amazing things that were in both of these historical buildings. I always knew Boston was one of America 's oldest cities dating back to the Revolutionary period. I was able to have the pleasure to look at the different types of art and historical artifacts that were on display for us. I enjoyed my experience at the Museum of Fine Arts so much that it inspired me to want to learn even more of what this city had in store for us. By us, I mean my boyfriend flew from Florida to Boston to spend time with me for the weekend including a visit to the museum. We explored historical sites as well as the Downtown Boston area. He was a Florida resident his whole life and there weren’t many historical artifacts compared to Boston since during this time period, Florida was a Spanish territory so he was even more excited to visit sightings just as much as I was. He 's always loved history and it was his best subject when he was in school. He was telling me the entire time just how different our state was from his, such as he has visited the old Spanish forts in St. Augustine and really looked forward to seeing American buildings from that time also; so many things…

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