My Experience At The Fine Dining Essay

1124 Words Sep 4th, 2016 null Page
Academic writing has usually been fairly effortless for me, up to this point in my life. Since I came directly from high school to this university, my professional writing experience is, sadly, limited to the two weeks notice letter I wrote to my boss before I quit my part time job at the fine dining establishment known as Chik-Fil-A. My high school English classes held some of my fondest memories in my high school career, second only to wrestling class. Whereas other students loathed essays and book reports, I saw them as an opportunity to exhibit one of my talents. Regrettably, my enthusiasm for academic writing was not equal to my enthusiasm towards class work and homework. I consistently procrastinated in most of my assignments that were not essays, which had a detrimental impact on my grade. My talent for writing was my lifeline in most of my English classes. I habitually completed the writing assignments ahead of schedule because persuasive and research essays were both the usual assignments in my English classes and the type of writing I admired the most. I personally see my senior year as the climax in my high school writing career, due to the fact that my highest scoring essays were written in this time period. These essays were hybrids of research essays and persuasive essays. I was not limited to the text in a required reading assignment nor was I simply ordered to compile information from multiple sources into a neatly typed 2000-word paper that was about a…

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