My Experience At The Elementary School Essay

1415 Words Dec 28th, 2016 6 Pages
My car slowly comes to a halt as I approach the blinking light that serves as the only form of traffic control in this town. Usually, I would just continue down the long stretch of road to my house, but I decide to turn left and venture onto the streets where I spent my childhood. The first building I come upon is my former elementary school. This place was once the center of my life, but it has now been shut down and quickly is becoming dilapidated. I cannot help but notice a somber feeling in the air as I think about the memories within those walls. My mind wanders away and I chuckle at how I considered a school of 300 kids, Kindergarten through sixth grade, to be massive. I now go to a university that has over 30,000 people; massive is a relative term when growing up in a small town. I pass the houses of my best friends, whom I met at the beginning of Kindergarten; we spent nearly every day of our lives together until I moved to Indianapolis. I think about how everyone always said that they knew I would be the one to leave this place because my dreams were far too large to be confined to a town that only had a thousand residents. I had never quite planted my roots in this town the way that my family and friends had; the world was wider and I wanted to experience it for myself. I was not going to wait for the world to change; I was going to change the world. This mindset followed me throughout adolescence, which led me to the decision during my freshman year of high…

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