My Experience At My Family Essay

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I faintly remember the night we left. I rushed to gather a small bag stuffed of my absolute favorite things I just could not leave behind, only to be told to put them back and that I did not need any of it where I was going. My grandmother’s porch light was the only thing that illuminated the pitch black sky. She was watching us leave with a pained look on her lightly wrinkled face. Where were we going? I had no clue. I just wanted to go wherever my mother went. The wind was nipping at my winter coat as we left for what I thought was just a visit. My mother, brother and I left my grandmother and our home of two years, and my time at the house is limited to occasional visits almost every other year.
The front yard is tiny. It only has enough room for a rusted, white bench and the rest is a mix of dead and alive plants. Despite the yard’s size there is a huge pine tree, and several bushes.
Next to the front door are the stairs leading upstairs that creak with every step. The upstairs of the house is my favorite. At the top of the stairs is the useless air conditioner that has never worked properly. I was forced to take naps on the soft bed in the first room. The next room has green carpet that resembles diarrhea. There used to be a sewing machine and bunk bed in the room until she threw them out. My grandmother’s miniscule office with teal walls hold more bookcases full of paper.
During each visit, the heat of the poorly air-conditioned house clings to me as I step into the…

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