My Experience At Fieldcrest Elementary School Essay

1270 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
On Tuesday, November 3rd I visited Mrs. Marion Kennel at Fieldcrest elementary school. I choose Mrs. Kennel because I have known her multiple years from coaching at my school , and she was always working hard during any down time we had on her work as a teacher. She teaches first grade. I admire her work ethic and ability to manage her time. I think it is impressive for anyone to be able to manage coaching , teaching and a large family without devoting too much time to one area. I remember through my four years of high school she was always taking a class. My experience with Mrs. Kennel as a coach was always caring but able to direct a group towards achieving a goal. Her ability to have fun ,but maintain a serious work environment pushed us all to become better as a group. I have found that I apply a lot of what she taught me to other activities and school. She was the first person I thought of when I heard the word success. I have always defined success as a person who does many things well and enjoys what they do. I began my day at Fieldcrest touring the building by myself for about fifteen minutes. Not even entering the building , I was immediately aware of how small school was. There appeared to be one large gym and several I pulled into the parking lot and I noticed posters about anti-bullying. This was all throughout the building , so I could tell it was something that the school values. On my walk around the school I noticed the When I went into Mrs.…

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