My Expectation Of Public School Essay

1466 Words Sep 14th, 2016 6 Pages
There is a desire embedded in all of our souls. A desire to be lead. We are all creatures of faith, whether your faith is in science, religion, or your own self. Our souls are all slaves to something. The trick is to know to whom and what you are a slave to. I was homeschooled till the second grade. One day, I told my parents I wanted to go to public school. The following year I enrolled to Algood Elementary School. My expectation of public school very similar to the plot line of the newly released movie, High School Musical. School meant nothing more than who liked who and what others thought of me. With that thought process, I became a slave to my friends. I stopped trying in school and stopped caring about my grades. I put all my effort into my friends. However, by doing that, my grades began dropping exceedingly. Many parent teacher conferences were held, and slowly but surely my world started slipping. I was put into special ed classes. My parents and teachers thought I was autistic, because it appeared to them, I was unable to succeed in regular classes. The problem was not I did not know how to do the work, it was I just did not care. My soul was given to the approval of my friends, but understanding my friends did not care about what was best for me. By spring break, I dropped out of public school, became homeschooled for nine weeks, and in the fall I was enrolled in Highland Rim Academy. My time at Highland Rim was brief, but it saved me from being around the…

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