My Educational Journey Through My Life Essay

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Desiree Ramirez Professor Buchanan English 73X 7 February 2016 My Educational Journey Throughout my life I have seen myself as having a growth mindset, facing all the good and bad challenges school has had to offer throughout the years. Sometimes as a student, I wondered if school really mattered. How does paper work, working out, and eating have anything to do what we want to be in life were all learning the same thing? Almost every kid in America is going to school. What makes me so different? The questions always appeared in my mind, why am I not out there, why am I so stuck in my world. School had brought life out of me. My questionable journey started to look up once I entered high school. I became more optimistic, I had more hope for what’s to come. After going to the same school for thirteen years I had freedom of some sort moving on to high school. Walking across the campus you can sense the courage the different lifestyles surrounding you. It all came at me at once soaking into my body it began to feel overwhelming. I knew no one I had hardly any friends to call mine. It came to me this was a good experience, I had joined avid made friends instantly. What made the experience wonderful was my avid instructor Mrs. Ross She was a wandering woman, she had no sense of organization but her heart was full of love. She had brought me out of my black shell and opened a new world for me. She was similar to Jack MacFarland inn “I Just Wanna Be Average”. MacFarland and Mrs.…

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