My Educational Career As A Coarse Time Of My Life Essay

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My educational career as a student was a coarse time of my life. Growing up I lived in NYC with my young single mom, and little brother. It was a rough time for us, considering she was working multiple jobs, partying, and trying to support her children. Consequently, my mother didn’t have the time to help me with my homework, so she would either do it for me, or it didn’t get done. When I turned 9 years old, due to my mother and father’s lack of parenting skills, I had to move Upstate, NY with my grandparents, which was the best thing that has ever happened to me.
In my life I have had a bumpy time in multiple school districts. For example, I started in a public school in Queens, New York with little parental supervision. I can say after going to three different schools, the public schools in Queens weren’t the best. To clarify, I was beaten up, stolen from, and failed 2nd grade. At one point a teacher abused me, and my mother had to press charges. Subsequently, I don’t remember anything I had learned from Pre-K – 2nd grade. I was slow at reading, and could have benefited from some reading help, such as a pull out accommodation. Not one of the schools I went to realized I needed help with reading, writing, and math. Consequently, I failed 2nd grade and the school didn’t evaluate me to see if I needed extra assistance, but had me re-do 2nd grade with the same academic agenda. Nevertheless, as a future educator, I will make it my life to ensure that my students are receiving…

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