My Early Reading Of Dr. Seuss Books Essay

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I remember learning to read and write at a very early age. I enjoyed reading and writing very much then, and still today. According to my parents, I learned to read and make up my own stories somewhere around the age of four or five. I recall not enjoying the outside and bugs very much, and instead I begin learning to create my world in books. I credit my early reading of Dr. Seuss Books, and Nancy Drew with my love to write. At the age of six, I was very active in church. I was the youngest Jr. Superintendent in the district, which consisted of approximately twenty churches. As the Jr. Superintendent, I had to read the lessons prior to Sunday school every week. It was also my responsibility to write a response to the lesson and present before the church. I was very comfortable speaking in front of people. This love expanded to writing for competitions. Every year, I participated in a contest, in which I had to write an essay and present at the A. M. E. Church convention. I won every year until the age of seventeen. In Middle and High school, I participated in the 4-H club. Yes, I chose the area of public speaking and writing over agriculture. I participated in the contests until I was age seventeen, and I was no longer eligible to participate in the contests. I continued to write every chance I was given the opportunity. I was the opposite of most of my friends that hated to write, and dreaded the many book reports we were given. I enjoyed reading and writing about the…

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