My Dream Statement

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I believe that a goal can be accomplished through hard work and motivation. Since childhood my dream is to become someone who can help low income communities improve their living conditions and diminish the negative stereotypes that portray them. As an undocumented, as a woman, as Latina, but more as a human being, I have worked hard to get into college to be the someone that I have dream of.
I want to go to law school to become a defense lawyer because I want to represent those who do not have many resources. In the Criminal Justice System, minority groups are misrepresented because they do not have enough money to pay for good lawyers. I want to double major in criminology and psychology to learn about the law and how I can help people with mental disorders. Most of the criminals come from poor and violent environments. I believe that by becoming a defense lawyer I will be able to give the accusers the help they need instead of putting them in jail.
For me getting into college is one step closer to my dream of becoming a person that will help her community. In order to accomplish my dream, I had to study hard and kept my grades up in high school. During high school I was the student of the month several times. I was also
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This organization seeks to provide resources, support, and promotes a safe environment for undocumented students. We raise awareness about the issues that undocumented student face, advocate for the rights of undocumented immigrants, and we try to diverse the image of the undocumented student identity. I’m in this organization because as undocumented student I think is important to support other undocumented students. I want to spread awareness about the obstacles that undocumented immigrants face and diminish the negative stereotypes that portray them. I think studying criminology will help me inform my undocumented fellows about their rights and updated immigration

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